I need to get better at this..

However, I forget to post. Thus an update on my EVE Life.
I've joined a new corporation -SAW-. They seem like a decent bunch, everyone around my age so real life issues are expected and thus not a problem.

It has a very high amount of new players so vent is filled with questions, which is pretty cool since it makes me feel like I know what I'm doing.

We're lining up for Caldari in factional warfare... which is not so cool. I'll be honest, factional warfare looks absolutely amazing. I'm totally stoked for it, and it's been a loooong time since that's happened for a game. This however looks wild, and CCP is doing a fantastic job with their news posts to build it all up. The painful part is that I am for the first time ever in game thinking of Quincy as a down to earth Minmatar citizen and it feels kind of wrong to be planning to fight for the scummy Caldari. Busted station or no....
This of course means that the mighty Jaybird I is flying for the Ishukone watch. Although it's also moonlighting with the RSS... sssshhhhhh don't tell anyone.

Oh, and congratulations to the CSM members who earned spots on the council. Now go out there and prove the concept will add value to our game.
To be honest I feel that the biggest issue facing the CSM is the lack of community support. I feel that the first thing that needs to be tabled, before any other issue is how to get as many players invested in the process as possible. For the next round of elections I would view any number less than 30,000 votes as a disaster. People are passionate about this game, there's no reason that we cannot attain 50% participation. I should post this on the forums, but hey I like rattling on here.

Fly Smart,


There goes another one...


So it seems that MC is gone due to picking a fight with BOB and the usual internal struggles. Assuming of course this isn't a forum Maskirova, I hope this is actually. Well you know what they say about poking a tiger with a stick. Or poking a crocodile in the eye, or hopping into a circle of wolves after rolling around in hamburger.
Actually I thought that the alliance of MC, KIA and the other guys would've been able to carry the whole Tortugan thing off.

Chalk me up as someone else who underestimated the combination of talent, planning, perseverance and execution that BOB is capable of.

KiaEdz has a nice writeup of the whole thing here. Speaking of KIA, I would say the smart money is on them to have the ability to start filling the massive whole that will be left in the mercenary field. Although, I expect that the remanents of MC will form something. However, as BOB proved here the critical elements of an alliance that lasts are planning, dedication and execution. At the end of the day you need leadership, and a lot of it to make this work. MC was a force as long as the Captain was able to steer the ship.

However, whatever happens MC was the alliance that I always thought about going for, but like so many things in this game, I never gained the conviction to do it. Sadly, I won't get the chance now. Never know, maybe this will make me chase the next EVE opportunity that comes along.

Goodbye MC, EVE-Online will be different without you.

Fly Smart,
Quincy Tawharr


Back at it...

So I finally took the 82 jump haul out to 0.0 to start my change of pace. I settled on Sansha space, for no particular reason other than it seemed like a good idea at the time.
Not a lot in the way of a market out there which is a surprise... I expected there to be no market at all. Granted the market is a bout 30 jumps from where I am, but it's there. It often surprises me how little danger you're while traveling in this game. Since I was hauling BP's for my stay in nullsec (154 no less). I was rolling in my trusty SexyBack, a Matari Covops.
Even jumping into a bubbled gate didn't phase me in the slightest. Pick a direction, recloak, change directions when cloaked... laugh as the Vaga zooms by trying to decloack you. Then maneuver around the bubble and you're home free.

Good Times really, on the down side I forgot to set a med clone on the way and now I'll have to go 20 jumps back from where I set up. A lab is 12 or so jumps away, but the factories are within a jump of where I am.

Props to whomever can nail down which system I'm in with a single guess.

Fly Smart people,


I've got a bad feeling about this...

In my past I've been quite the DnD player.... I'm a huge dork what can I say.

With 4e coming I keep getting a bad feeling about where the game is heading.

It's little things, like how Elves have suddenly grown an average of 6 inches.
Or how rogues can now sneak attack Golems.
Fighter's can keep an enemy "focused" on them.
Maybe I haven't done the work to read into it, but I just get the feeling that the people at Wizards sat down and tried to convert WOW to paper... I'll start to really look through this soon, since I'm interested in picking these up. I was interested in using the only component to hook up with a few people online until I found out that it was fifteen dollars a month. Which is insane, as much as I would love to get the old group together. For $15 a month we could all play WOW and I wouldn't have to design the adventures, or put up with people whining about failed saves.

Fly Smart everyone,

Here's hoping I'm horribly mistaken.

So sue me....

Ok, over the next few WEEKS.... I will be moving to 0.0..

On a side note it occurs to me that I have no idea where I'm going or what I'm doing.


The big move...

Over the next few days I am going to prep for my big move out to 0.0; where I intend to live in one of the npc regions. It's time for a change really, and taking the plunge into the frontiers of EVE should be an interesting change of pace.
To prepare I've started buying ship blueprint copies and vanilla T1 blueprints like mad. Fortunately the cruiser and frigate size module prints are fairly reasonably priced. The battleship ones however are not so nicely priced. I figure it'll cost me approximately 50% of my wealth to "set up shop" as it were. That should land me a few Battle cruisers, the fittings I need to run them and a mining ship for giggles.
I'll probably mission for one of the pirate factions, and if I like it I'll work my way through all of them. I'd like to get a stable of shiny faction birds to fly.
For now however, I need to find medium artillery blueprints... which in Essence may take some doing.

Fly Smart,
Quincy Tawharr


The Joys of Q1...

Real Life is a drag at times. However, real life also just landed me a new set of wheels. Which means that real life is a little more serious business than Internet spaceships.
On a related note, the search for a new corp begins. RvB is cool, and I'll stick around but I want something with a little more spice to it. Maybe I'll try out an RP bunch, I'm hoping for a slightly more focused group really. One that will allow me to PvP and mission to support it.